Established in Bucharest, Romania, as a fashion design atelier, Terra is an outstanding brand who understands wishes and makes special garments. The Terra’s creations are made entirely in our workshop’s facility, employing highly skilled specialized work force. This is why all Terra garments are distinguished by their uniqueness, the quality of the materials and the fineness of their execution.

To add value to our products, we use couture techniques to produce garments that require a high percentage of highly skilled manual work for each product. The results are truly unique garments of high value that stand the test of time.

Everything started some time ago from the desire of the one who created the brand to do something that could be unique, elegant, but comfortable in the same time.

We still remember the words of someone working in the fashion industry who once said that we need to decide how we want to be our products: “elegant or comfortable?” Apparently, it was impossible to have both.

So, we considered we should prove that such concept is a nonsense and YES, we believe we can in the same time have elegant and comfortable clothes.The challenge has been accepted.

In the end, we want to thank women for inspiring us day by day and we wish them to feel special, sophisticated and elegant wearing our outfits.

Please, enjoy the pictures and be welcome in our world!